Learning to Love my Life as a Non-Player Character
Solo Exhibition at Wizard Gallery 19.-23. august 2012

"The exhibition is the culmination of six months spent in intense spiritual and physical detox. Through rituals of ascetcism - abstaining from alcohol, moving images, social obligations and career development - the artist has searched for a lifestyle in touch with ancient knowledge, fitting for contemporary needs. His work functions as a holistic therapy for a humanity in crisis, seeking to restore balance. By adapting and subverting new age capitalism this virtual spiritism aim at providing a blueprint for world healing."

Curated by Øivin Horvei.

Installation photos by Siv Dolmen.
You Are Like This Cup, 2012

Wooden Bowl, organic powdered Matcha green tea, gold leaf flake
Sensitive Information, 2012

Shells, sea urchin, printed info sheets on ocean acidification, glass dome, sensitive pH-balanced shower gel

Neuroplasticity Application Test, 2012

Picture frame, plastic cover sheet, water, walnut, organic white tea
Evian is Naive Spelled Backwards, 2012

Limited edition Evian bottle from 2003 (unopened), chain, gold spray, lock
7x Mantra
Mantra, 2012
Omnichromed Xerox Copy
Transcendence Without the Bitter Aftertaste, 2012

Deus Ex:Human Revolution, NuNaturals, NuStevia
You Are Like This Cup, Sensitive Information, Evian is Naive Spelled Backwards and Neuroplasticity Application Test

The Meditating Goof, 2012

Balanced Reached, 2012

Hand sawed wood
The Meditating Goof and Balance Reached