Selection of work I have made for/published as a member of the collaborative blog The Jogging, a project by Brad Troemel which also features Lauren Christiansen, Joshua Citarella, Aaron Graham, Andrew Christopher Green, Masood Kamandy, Justin Kemp, Spencer Longo, Andreas Meinich, Haley Mellin, Jesse Stecklow and Artie Vierkant.

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Refresh, Mint, 2012

Coca Cola glass, mint leaves, mint tea, toothpaste, mouthwash

Gillette Deleuze, 2012

An Image Taken by Curiosity on Mars Displayed in the Nevada Desert, 2012

Site-specific Installation
Earth Lovers Drink Responsively, 2012

Pure rain water, collected in the serving glass - as much as Mother Nature wants to give
4 oz The Body Shop Earth Lovers Cucumber & Mint shower gel
Organic cucumber slices
Organic mint, rooting in the glass - allow at least a couple of weeks before drinking, and plant somewhere afterwards
2 oz Square One organic vodka

Part of the exhibition Re:Mixology, presented by Stadium. December 8th, Crystal Beach Suites, Miami, Florida, U.S.
Composition With Monster Energy Logo in Slime, 2013

Different Sized Discs (Laser, Compact, Mini Compact), 2012

Rest, 2013

Rocks, ergonomic hand rest

Micropod/Pineapple, 2012

Burning Disc, 2013

Reading Light in Clementine Peel, 2012

Christmas decoration